Matcha Jasmine Tea Latte


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Time Saving Tip: Come back to this page while your bubbles are boiling. The regular bubbles take about 1 hr 15 minutes (1 hr for bubbles 2.0) to cook and chill, and the mini ones take about 15 minutes.

If you want to make the drink without the bubbles, skip to step 2. THE TEA


1.5 tablespoon of Jasmine Green Tea (1 serving size)

1 cup of water

1. Boil water in a pot.

2. Remove the saucepan from the stove 

3. Pour Jasmine Green Tea leaves into the water at 190 F degree and stir gently. 

4. Cover and steep for 5 minutes.

5. After steeping, strain out the tea leaves.

6 . Refrigerate the tea until it is fully chilled. Tips: leave in the refrigerator over night for stronger tea taste.


Note: Below is the assembly for 1 serving.

1 teaspoon matcha powder

1/2 cup chilled jasmine tea 

1 scoop cooked bubbles 

3/4 cup milk (dairy, almond, oat, soy) 

1/4 teaspoon beet powder
(optional for pink latte)

2 tablespoons syrup / granulated sugar (white/light brown) **see below for Simple Syrup instruction & Sweetness Level

1/2 cup ice

1.   Add matcha powder to a bowl of chilled jasmine green tea. Use whisk to mix it well. Set aside for now.

2.   Fill a large cup with a scoop of bubbles. Add milk & sugar, stir until sugar dissolves. Then add ice. 

(To create PINK MILK: Add milk and mix in beet powder)

3.   Carefully pour in matcha jasmine tea on ice for a gradient effect. 

4.   Take a picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @barpatea! Enjoy with bar pa tea’s wide-mouthed straw

**How to make Simple Syrup, add 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water to a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Let cool before serve.

**Sweetness Level

Light 1.5 tablespoon sugar

Medium (Recommended) 2 tablespoons sugar

Heavy 2.5 tablespoons sugar