About Bar Pa Tea

Bar Pa Tea is an online premium tea and bubble tea shop that has been reimagining tea infused desserts since 2013. As said in Thrillist, a “brilliant dessert you weren’t expecting.”

Founded by Patrick Yeh, Pa Tea Bubble Tea first opened its doors in New York City’s Chinatown. Growing in Taiwan, Patrick has always wanted to put some new twists to his childhood favorite drinks using more premium ingredients. In 2017, Pa Tea moved to New York’s SoHo and evolved into an experimental tea inspired dessert space under the name Bar Pa Tea, which soon developed a loyal fanbase across the globe—best known for its pink matcha latte and bubble tea soft serve. Time Out magazine called it “dessert of your dreams.”

At Bar Pa Tea, we believe in mindful sourcing from purveyors and food entrepreneurs both locally and internationally who align with our missions of offering delicious treats using healthier and better ingredients. Many of our menu items can be made vegan and gluten free. 

In 2019, with demands across the nation looking to get a taste of our products, Bar Pa Tea underwent a considerable transformation and reinvented itself as an e-commerce platform offering bubble tea kits, premium tea, and other tea related products online. Patrick is adamant that good bubble tea should be accessible to everyone. He concluded the SoHo store and shifted the brand focus entirely on developing and curating tea products which taste and quality are on par with the ones in SoHo. Now, no matter where you are, you can get a taste of Bar Pa Tea in  the comfort of your home. 

Bar Pa Tea also added an upscale catering service arm in New York offering our signature drinks and soft-serve onsite. Let’s Pa Tea!